The kids tend to grow in different environments and the impact of the society over the kid’s psychology is definitely extensive. On today’s fast world where there is no time for the parents to talk to kids, it is important to support the school going teenage children regarding so many moral concerns. The moral support with logical thinking would certainly make your child as a good human being and help them to focus on their education as well. We want to take this as an intensive subject and provide the learners with some interesting methodologies to balance the Brain Development of Teen kids.


It is a known fact that the 95 percent of the brain growth get complete by 5 years of age. During the teenage, the connections in the brain are developed during the teenage. The prefrontal cortex in the brain and the amygdala part is still developing in the brain. The ‘amugdala’ part is associated with emotions, aggression and instinctive behavior. So, the emotional balance and logical thinking shape the teenagers as the perfect personalities.

Understand emotions

Understand about their world from interest like music, sports, games, news or languages. IT is the common these days kids spend a majority of their time in the games and social media like whats app or Instagram. The question is what is the impact of these hobbies? If you want your kid to have a healthy brain then it is important to encourage the positive behavior in the kids, talk about the general things happening around the world, promote the thinking skills in them, ask them about their sleep and provide them some ideas to get good sleep. The personal care and general thought make them feel secure and happy.

Train them

The emotional brain makes them involved in risk activities, express emotions, and try to make impulsive decisions. So, from the parenting side allow the kids to take some risk with full knowledge about the result, support your child with reasonable care, train your child to be creative and expressive, ask about their actions or decisions and help them to know about what is right or what is wrong. Make them involved in the routines of the family, cultural activities set rules for them and allow them to break the rule for good reasons, praise them frequently and show a positive attitude towards them.

Maintain a healthy relationship

Show sense of humor as it is an easy way to show the love or critic towards their behavior, take them out which is helpful to change their aggressive mood, be a good inspiration to your kids in patience and decision making, teach your kids to practice rationalization, ask them to practice self-talk regarding their problems, limit the usage of social media, and ask them to be relaxed during stressful times. Good parenting and spending more time with kids is important during the teenage period as it is the crucial time in building the character. The connections or the thinking process becomes strong during the teenage period to the kids.