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Selenium Training In Chennai

Selenium is an open free-source, testing tool for web applications that tests them across many browsers. Unfortunately, Selenium can only test web applications. Hence, desktop and mobile apps cannot be tested. Other tools like Appium and HP’s QTP can test software and mobile applications. Comprehensive Selenium Training In Chennai provides essential knowledge and understanding to professionals wishing to learn test automation using Selenium. This blog will look at What is Selenium Testing Tool And its Roles in the software business for test automation.

Roles Of Selenium Automation Testing Tool

Companies may have different roles and duties for selenium testers. However, continue to learn about a selenium tester’s exciting tasks and duties.

  • Examining the business requirements to define the testing technique through automation testing.
  • A tester for selenium automation must create new test scripts.
  • The selenium tester is responsible for maintaining current regression suites and test scripts.
  • Testers must attend agile meetings for backlog refinement, sprint planning, and daily scrum sessions.
  • Regression suites should be executed by testers for better outcomes. 
  • Developers, project managers, stakeholders, and manual testers must receive results.
  • Understanding the application, business requirements, and its components.
  • Updating Framework Functions. You can easly understand updating frameworks by enrolling Selenium Online Classes.
  • Automation test scripts are written and run.
  • Selenium testers review test reports and create test summary reports.
  • The selenium tester must plan and execute test cases and scenarios.
  • Must conduct daily inspections and report any flaws.
  • In charge of automating processes with JAVA, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid, Maven, and Cucumber.
  • Selenium tester’s roles and responsibilities include comprehending and examining test requirements.
  • Framework automation design and implementation.
  • Configuring Selenium test environments like the web driver, Maven integration, TestNG, Java, and Jenkins integration.
  • The selenium tester must write test cases and examine elements using selenium web driver commands and element locators.
  • Using JUnit/ TestNG annotations and Java code, the tester must escalate test cases.
  • The tester must create a Selenium environment to prepare scripts, choose a language, and prepare tool configuration.
  • Other roles of the tester include locating components, selecting them with various characteristics, and storing them in scripts.

Selenium testing automation expert is a high-demand role in the IT industry. Individuals who become testers will surely excel in their careers opportunities exist worldwide. Educational institutes like FITA Academy make it easier to become a selenium tester by providing superior training. Enrolling in a Selenium Training In Bangalore helps you obtain in-depth information and practical skills in utilizing Selenium for test automation.

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