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Is PHP Backend or Frontend? 

Is PHP Backend or Frontend? 

Role Of PHP In Frontend 

PHP can deliver HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the browser, but it functions best when accessing databases and performing calculations on the server rather than the user’s PC. PHP should not be used exclusively to write client-side code; doing so is not a smart idea. PHP creates material for the client and performs calculations on the server.

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How PHP is used for backend development 

Every website needs to keep track of who uses it in a database. This database has all the information about how the website is set up. So, it’s easy to get the data you need, organise it, change it, and save it. A server makes it work.

PHP is an important part of building a website’s backend. It can be used with databases like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Frameworks make it easier to develop websites with programming languages like PHP. 

When a user searches for a product on the website, the backend is used to find all the relevant information about the product. Once it finds suitable information, it sends it as frontend code. The browser then shows it as the list that the user asked for. 

PHP is used to make web apps. 

PHP is the best for every web app, from content management systems to platforms for streaming music. PHP is used to improve the code on the back end of these web software systems. HTML and CSS are just as old as the web itself. On the other hand, JavaScript has become very important for applications with a lot of interactivity. PHP is the most influential coding language among programmers because it works with the JavaScript library that most programmers use. Angular and React.js are some of the most popular libraries. 

PHP Frameworks 


Laravel is a PHP backend framework because it gives developers a huge place to work without having to install PHP, a web server. It works with WordPress, Symfony, Zend, CakePHP3, and other platforms. 


Symfony is the best at everything. It is a PHP framework and a set of PHP building blocks that can be used to make any website. You must use Symfony if you want your app to be able to grow. It is flexible, so developers can choose the parts they need for a specific project. Symfony works with many popular PHP frameworks, such as Oracle, Drizzle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.  If you are desired to become a PHP web developer, Signup with the PHP Online Course, which gives you broad knowledge of PHP scripting.


CodeIgniter is known for being fast. Recruiters can build web apps faster with it because it needs less configuration. Considering the context and a Content Security Policy, the framework has security against CSRF and XSS attacks. 


The parts and helpers of CakePHP look at the development and cut down on the number of tasks. It has its own ORM, which is quick and easy to use. 

Summing Up 

PHP is widely used, and it won’t go out of style any time soon. PHP is easy to learn, so most web developers use it instead of any other language for programming websites. Today, PHP is doing very well, thanks to a lot of new features and trends in its frameworks. This makes it possible for PHP to keep up with the competition and gain popularity among developers. PHP can manage databases, redirect traffic, connect to mobile devices, and do other things. So far, we have discussed whether php is backend or frontend. To get addditonal training, get into FITA Academy, which provides top-end PHP Training in Coimbatore.