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Symfony has reusable PHP components, it doesn’t favor for frontend framework or libraries over another. PHP gives the flexibility to decide what runs on your app in frontend logic. In this tutorial, you will come to know how to build a SPA using ReactJS and Symfony.

What is React?

React is an incredible JavaScript framework which helps to build front end web application. React components make your code reusable. It is a quite-popular and open-source library, preferred by Javascript developers. React builds creative UI, it allows us to manage the application state.

What is Symfony?

Symfony has PHP components, it gives priority for high-performance applications. This supports to create a web application with amazing features.

Combining React and Symfony

Earlier, front end applications were mostly handled by JQuery or Javascript. Symfony and React both require a library and that should be intuitive, well-structured and robust enough to reduce the code. A pure JavaScript library was introduced by Symfony. Enroll now and get your dream job.

React is widely used Javascript frontend libraries which helps to build interfaces with its simplicity. Reach now at ReactJS Training in Chennai, you will learn everything about frameworks and its usage with the best support. PHP is a server-side language, a modern framework that is expected to support JavaScript libraries for the backend.


This is an article about how to build a Single Page Application using ReactJS and PHP of symfony. Provide time to read this and get an idea about career development in this field. FITA offers PHP training in Bangalore classes to students on both weekdays and weekends. Use this opportunity and get a great career in the development field.

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