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 Massaging is one of the best ways to relieve pain in the body. Shoulder Pain is the most common problem and gets us down in several ways. First, pain is pain and never fun. We use our arms for almost every activity and most movements. So, if it happens to the arms, it happens to the shoulders too. If shoulders are unstable, weak and painful, they pull our posture out of alignment and create effects such as weakened abdominal muscles, unhappy back muscles and a literal pain in the neck. The third most common musculoskeletal condition is shoulder pain which was suggested by physicians and physiotherapists and which they see in their clinics, after low back and neck pain. Shoulders tend to be susceptible to injury due to the ball and socket joint system because of the inherently unstable design of the shoulder system. The most mobile joint in the body is our shoulders which are ready for reaching, throwing, lifting, pushing and all sorts of twists, turns and bending, but this leaves them primed for injury and can be cured in any Massage in Chennai

     Our shoulders consist of bones which includes the scapula, humerus, and the clavicle form a cage inside which are the muscles and other soft tissue ready to twist, reach, bend, throw and carry. The shoulder muscles begin with the trapezius, and the levator scapulae the centre, and rhomboids at the top of the spine connecting the scapula and clavicle to the torso. Rotator cuff injury or shoulder tendonitis is due to shoulder pain. Treatment of shoulder pain includes especially overhead movements, reduced activity, posture adjustments, and changing movements to help the healing, as well as ice, heat and other OTC anti-inflammatory drugs. You should also consider a physiotherapist in which physical treatment is effective, as well as myofascial release and massage SPA in Chennai. Shoulder joint instability is the risk of dislocation of joints and it is a common condition among athletes, but can also occur due to trauma, and genetic make-up. Laxity is more commonly known as ‘double-jointed’. Rotator cuff muscles and scapular muscles which are the treatments included to reduce dislocations and strengthen. Once a shoulder has dislocated, the joint can be re-stabilized by your doctor. By using ice, and involving rest and anti-inflammatory drugs are used to recover from joint pain. Frozen shoulder is another type of pain in which the name suggests that the shoulder is immovable. It causes inflammation and involves reduced mobility.

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Build a Single Page Application with ReactJS and PHP

Symfony has reusable PHP components, it doesn’t favor for frontend framework or libraries over another. PHP gives the flexibility to decide what runs on your app in frontend logic. In this tutorial, you will come to know how to build a SPA using ReactJS and Symfony.

What is React?

React is an incredible JavaScript framework which helps to build front end web application. React components make your code reusable. It is a quite-popular and open-source library, preferred by Javascript developers. React builds creative UI, it allows us to manage the application state.

What is Symfony?

Symfony has PHP components, it gives priority for high-performance applications. This supports to create a web application with amazing features.

Combining React and Symfony

Earlier, front end applications were mostly handled by JQuery or Javascript. Symfony and React both require a library and that should be intuitive, well-structured and robust enough to reduce the code. A pure JavaScript library was introduced by Symfony. Enroll now and get your dream job.

React is widely used Javascript frontend libraries which helps to build interfaces with its simplicity. Reach now at ReactJS Training in Chennai, you will learn everything about frameworks and its usage with the best support. PHP is a server-side language, a modern framework that is expected to support JavaScript libraries for the backend.


This is an article about how to build a Single Page Application using ReactJS and PHP of symfony. Provide time to read this and get an idea about career development in this field. FITA offers PHP training in Bangalore classes to students on both weekdays and weekends. Use this opportunity and get a great career in the development field.

Why should I start my career in RPA domain?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of automating business operations with software applications and  Artificial Intelligence and helps the business to manage high-volume, repeatable assignments that were previously performed by humans. These tasks may include arithmetic calculations, maintenance of records, transactions, and queries. Learn RPA Training in Chennai at FITA and start your career in RPA.

A few years back, only humans had the ability to solve arithmetic operations, collection of data, and storing the information. But now RPA bots guide the users to catch the data and manage applications that were performed by the humans.

RPA  is going to play a major role in the field of data entry and mundane tasks. These tasks could be efficiently automated with RPA. If you are Bangalore, join Robotic Process Automation Training in Bangalore to become a certified RPA Developer.

Benefits of RPA

Robotic Process Automation is responsible for reducing the cost incurred in the businesses and thus results in the reduction of manpower. By using Artificial Intelligence in business it results in a decrease of errors. But, in the case of humans, there are more chances to get glitches.

Robotic Process Automation technology functions better with rule-based organizations.

Here, Robotic Process Automation has a few important benefits:

o   Better customer activity

o   Reduced cost

o   Increased productivity

o   Enhanced scalability of clarifications,

o   Enhanced management abilities.

Currently, RPA is not confined to easy tasks,  it is now combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) presenting it an increasingly possible way to automate more and more complicated assignments using the semi-structured and unstructured data like supply chain management, software programming and payroll processing.

The importance of RPA Training and Certification

Most of the enterprises  prefer to employ candidates who have earned certification in RPA. Learn RPA Certification at FITA No.1 training institute with advanced training. The Trainers at FITA are industry experts who provides a holistic understanding of the RPA concepts and its applications.

Read more about RPA Interview Questions.

Ideas For The Summer Holidays

Ideas For The Summer Holidays

During the summer season, it is the long break from education and it is the right time to inculcate good habits to the kids. The incense of hobbies influences education as it is the natural way of learning. Some of the hobbies which make the holidays as colorful and render sweet memories are photography, yoga, cooking, gardening, and learning the literature of a language.  During the festival season, the planning takes a big list and like-wise the summer holidays also.

We love to play and explore many things. Hobbies are something simple and continuous in life. Here we provide the ideas for the summer holidays. Hobbies are a special part of life and not the usual one as like the games and sports. Every day or every weekend kids use to play the games, sports, watch TV and use social media channels. But apart from these activities, something to cool down and relax the mind is summed up as the hobbies for the summer holidays.


There are simple tips on photography for the beginners with I phone or android phone to take beautiful pictures. By the way of hobbies teach them about the relationships, nature, different types of animals and different types of birds.


The second hobby which is healthy and helps them to grow strong is yoga. Ask them to practice yoga which is meant for the mental health and physical health. The postures in the yoga are popular and many online sources are available to learn yoga. Summer is a good time to make yoga as a habit and spend time for the good habit in their busy schedule.


If you have a big backyard or a small space in the apartment then starts growing the house plants. Apart from flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables make gardening an interesting task. By producing the vegetables, fruits, and herbs they relate the health benefits from these houseplants.


Start learning the basic techniques to the cooking and explore new healthy recipes. The joy cooking lies in serving others. Try simple and easy recipes with friends or mother from the internet. The Internet is the source of all types of information and helps the learners of different age groups.

Learning literature

Students love to learn different languages. So, give them training in foreign languages like German or French. If they show interest in the regional language like Tamil or Hindi then train them in the language in which they are interested in in-depth knowledge. The sense of language is useful in balancing the emotions of the brain. They come over the practical difficulties in their life with the knowledge from the literature. Learning with interest is very important to shape the children with good attitude and skills.

Make the summer holidays of 45 days or 60 days as fun-filled memories. The brain growth and brain remodeling happen to the kids during school life. So, teach them multiple skills to balance their mood and focus on education.

Brain Development At Different Age Group

Brain Development At Different Age

The kids tend to grow in different environments and the impact of the society over the kid’s psychology is definitely extensive. On today’s fast world where there is no time for the parents to talk to kids, it is important to support the school going teenage children regarding so many moral concerns. The moral support with logical thinking would certainly make your child as a good human being and help them to focus on their education as well. We want to take this as an intensive subject and provide the learners with some interesting methodologies to balance the Brain Development of Teen kids.


It is a known fact that the 95 percent of the brain growth get complete by 5 years of age. During the teenage, the connections in the brain are developed during the teenage. The prefrontal cortex in the brain and the amygdala part is still developing in the brain. The ‘amugdala’ part is associated with emotions, aggression and instinctive behavior. So, the emotional balance and logical thinking shape the teenagers as the perfect personalities.

Understand emotions

Understand about their world from interest like music, sports, games, news or languages. IT is the common these days kids spend a majority of their time in the games and social media like whats app or Instagram. The question is what is the impact of these hobbies? If you want your kid to have a healthy brain then it is important to encourage the positive behavior in the kids, talk about the general things happening around the world, promote the thinking skills in them, ask them about their sleep and provide them some ideas to get good sleep. The personal care and general thought make them feel secure and happy.

Train them

The emotional brain makes them involved in risk activities, express emotions, and try to make impulsive decisions. So, from the parenting side allow the kids to take some risk with full knowledge about the result, support your child with reasonable care, train your child to be creative and expressive, ask about their actions or decisions and help them to know about what is right or what is wrong. Make them involved in the routines of the family, cultural activities set rules for them and allow them to break the rule for good reasons, praise them frequently and show a positive attitude towards them.

Maintain a healthy relationship

Show sense of humor as it is an easy way to show the love or critic towards their behavior, take them out which is helpful to change their aggressive mood, be a good inspiration to your kids in patience and decision making, teach your kids to practice rationalization, ask them to practice self-talk regarding their problems, limit the usage of social media, and ask them to be relaxed during stressful times. Good parenting and spending more time with kids is important during the teenage period as it is the crucial time in building the character. The connections or the thinking process becomes strong during the teenage period to the kids.

The Role of the Graphic Designer

The Role of the Graphic Designer

Graphic designers get a good salary and they work as freelancers and in big companies. The top role in graphic designing is the creative director. Graphic designers have a wide range of opportunities in advertisement agencies, print markets, graphic designers, teaching, and freelancing.  The promotion of different product promotion is the job of the advertising agencies, print markets need graphic designers to organize the pages, in-house graphic designers will design company newsletters, brochures, logos, websites, and visual material, if they take up teaching profession then they take work at public schools and universities, freelancers work for the advertisement agencies. Let me discuss in detail about the role of the graphic designer and the skills required to excel in their jobs.


Creativity skills are very important for an individual to enter into the graphic designing profession. Fresh ideas and understanding of the artistic elements are important for a graphic designer. Graphic designers can even work as web designers and the web-enabled software tools are web browsers, RSS readers, and micro-blogging. The graphic designing and the web designing both require the texts and typography. Changing the culture, times, technological innovations and the lifestyle of the propel are transformed using the graphic designing profession.


The terms like kerning, line height, tracking, leading, white space and more are important skills of the graphic designer. Typography is an art and the typographical elements are the font selection, line length, character rendering are the typographical elements. The typographical designs deliver the clarity to the viewers, adds values to your designs. Bad typography gives a bad impression to the viewers.


The famous graphic designing software’s are the adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Web Design

HTML and CSS knowledge are required for the web designers. Graphic designers also work as web designers.


Understanding the client requirement and patience towards the explanation of limitations to the client is also an important aspect in their job.

Graphic designing express the creativity, flexibility, maintain the huge client base, freelance potential, run own studio, and easy to work are some of the benefits of the graphic designing job. The advantages of the graphic designing profession push the huge public to work in the graphic designing profession. Through graphic designing, brand recognition and awareness about the news is easily conveyed to the general public. As like the engineers, the designers create the designs and they are the good storytellers. To promote business web designers, graphic designers and digital marketing professionals are highly needed.

Trends in the catering technology

Trends In The Catering Technology

Catering industry is the old and modern industry to work for the people with passion towards food. In recent years the profit is high in the catering industry as the demand is high. Let me put light on the topic that the recent trends in the catering technology.


Eating the same type of snacks is a boring process and people love to eat new and dishes with fusion. There are no boundaries for the tasty food. Presenting the tasty and variety of food creates the demand to the catering company.


Garnishing the food with edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables catch the eye of the watchers. So presentation is very important in the catering industry to market the food and create the demand.

Healthy food

Make the food as healthy and use organic products to make it as green. The ingredients play a vital role in making the food healthy. The awareness of the health is dominating the world. Therefore it is important to cook with an edge to the health factors.

Social Media

Social media is attracting a huge number of visitors and it is a good idea to promote the name of the business with the help of social media. Give information regarding your product like the discounts and the facilities you extend to your valuable customer. Reach is very important in the business which can be achieved through the website and a Facebook page. Catering is the event-based and season based business. So, show your offers during the festival season and display the photos of the event that you have handled like the birthday parties, marriages, and other small functions in the Facebook page. This creates a visual effect among the viewers about the quality of the service that you provide to the public.

Transparency policy

The latest trend in the food industry all over the world is transparency. The latest trend is that people hate processed food and they are interested in knowing the ingredients used for the food. In a country like the UK, many customers want to know the place from where the food comes and what are the natural elements and artificial elements added to the food to make it tasty. So, transparency is important in the catering industry.

No waste of food

The key factor in the food industry as of 2018 is the waste management. There are companies globally who prepare food from the products which come from plants and animals which would have been wasted if not cooked.

Usage of Robots

There are places where robots are used in the hotel industry. As the technology grows robots and driverless cars are used for the serving the food and delivering the food. Dominos are already in the process of using the robot technology for delivering the food at the doorstep of the customers.

Are You Passionate About Gaming Career?

Are You Passionate About Gaming Career?

Playing games is the passionate hobby of the kids of these days. Even before starting to speak kids love to play games. Game designers should possess both science and arts knowledge as it requires the designing and development skills. Let us discuss in detail about the career opportunities in the field of the gaming industry.

Game Developer

Game developers create games after understanding the interest of the younger generation and how the visual effects bring the reality of the play. The real video game creates the enthusiasm to play for many times if it is really interesting. The design and the rules of the games are the important factors to market the games. The market demand and the logic behind the game are decided by the game developer.

Game Designer

The role of the Game designer is to decide the elements in the game like the character, objects in the games and places. Drawing skills and visual skills make the game still more interesting. The elements, time, budget and visual effects are decided by the game designer. Anyhow the job of the designer is a teamwork. Game artist creates realistic images like the sceneries, places, objects, animals, and birds etc. A formal training in the designing is mandatory to enter into the gaming industry.

Game Programmer

The role of the game programmer is to make the work of the game developer and designer work properly. The games are designed for the PC’s, play stations and Xbox. C, C++ and java knowledge and other specialties like artificial intelligence, 3D Animation, 3D rendering, multiplayer and networking are important for a game programmer.

Network programmer

The role of the network programmer is to check the speed and implement a game server in the network. Most of the games are connected through the internet and the demand of the network programmer increases day by day.

Game writers

A story is a base which makes the game interesting. A game writer works with the whole team of the project and understands s the development, designing, programming and networking parts of the Game. Game writer designs the game with the required information and makes it a knowledgeable play.

Audio and Sound Engineer

The audio and sound engineer creates the background music or character voices which makes the game more realistic. The knowledge of the sound equipment, techniques and the software related to the sounds are the skills of the audio or sound engineer.

Game Tester

The game tester understands the users and the problems associated with the game better. They take care of the same operations in a different situation to know the bugs in the software. The tester prepares the bug report and submits it to the game tester.

Game project manager

The role of the project manager is to check the tasks allocated to different employees, check the time, and check the budget. The documentation and budgeting is the primary role of the game project manager.


Apps which help for the Education

Apps which help for the Education

After completing the school when entering into the college students face drastic change as the syllabus is high. It is difficult to take notes and learn everything to gain in-depth knowledge of all the subjects. Let us take a tour to see the useful apps which help for the Education.

  1. OneNote

This app help to take notes on your smartphone and this tool is from the Microsoft Company. With the help of the Microsoft account, the OneNote can be synced with any device and it stores the drawings, mathematical equations, screen clippings, pictures, and recorded clips of audio and video.

  1. Word Web

Word web is the app used for the dictionary and it is available on windows as a classic application. If the network is inexplicably patchy then this app is very helpful as it works offline also. This app provides the meaning of different English languages like American, British, Canadian, Australian, Indian and global English.

  1. Cam Scanner

The Cam Scanner is used to convert the camera images into PDF document. This facility is helpful if the student is absent in a particular class then the notes can be taken as a photo in the camera which is converted as a PDF file.

  1. Audio Recorder

This is the app used to learn the foreign language and it records the audio by recording the video. This audio recorder is available in the Sony mobile.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the app which helps to learn foreign languages. This app help for learning new words and conducts tests and exam to know about the different levels in the languages.

  1. Evernote

Evernote helps to take notes and it has the features of bookmarking, composing, clipping. This app is also used to prepare a to-do list and the photos and lectures can be embedded using this app.

  1. KrazyBee

This is used to shop online through Flipkart or Amazon. This is used to purchase products through KrazyBee without a credit card.

  1. Exam Vocabulary Builder

This is used for building the vocabulary and over 6 million users use this app to improve the English vocabulary. For the competitive exams like TOEFL/IELTS and ESL, the learners try for so many learning materials and this app is also one of the best ways to prepare for the exam.

  1. MINT

This is the app for budgeting and saving money. All the online money transactions are listed by default using this app.

The above-provided apps are the best apps which are useful for learning or to take up personal tasks. In college life, students need to be studios and responsible. So, these apps cultivate good habits and good thought process to the students.

Evolution Of Technology From Machines, Computers, and Robots

Evolution Of Technology From Machines, Computers, and Robots

The RPA is a robotic process automation which is used in multiple business domains and it aids for the accuracy of the business. RPA increases the job satisfaction and labor issues in companies like the disputes, time and attendance issues in the companies.

Security of data in the RPA

The two points where the security concerns rise in the RPA are the data security and the access security. By making the access centralized with the help of the active directory integration the credentials are maintained by the management. The division of labor and customization is possible with the usage of the active directory integration. The Encryption in the active directory integration secures the external security. The desk policy or the scheduled tasks also increases the security in the RPA.

Job Market after the evolution of RPA

The evolution of technology from machines, computer and to the robots are initially criticized but later it is accepted as the development of the economy. Actually automating a job increases the quality and creates other types of jobs in the job market.

As per the analysis if the factory is minimizing its labor cost with the robots then it lowers the prices which ultimately increase the demand of the product. If there is more profit then it leads to more production and more employment. So, automation of job leads to more production, more consumption, and more employment opportunities. One of the biggest e-commerce company amazons uses the robots for the production unit and the company had announced that there is no change in the usage and robots and the number of employees working in the company. So, the robots and humans are equally placed in the company to increase productivity.

The agricultural jobs are decreased and the factory jobs have increased due to the inflation in the developed economy. So the evolution of RPA will create new jobs like agricultural jobs. The researchers from Oxford University say that the job industry would be fully automated due to the advancement of the technology.

Industries where automation can be applied

Manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail industry, construction, wholesale industry, mining, finance industry, insurance industry, entertainment or media industry, administration industry, BPO industry, health care industry, service industry, management jobs, and educational jobs are some of the industries where automation or RPA can be used.

Future of RPA

Obama from White house says that automation and education regarding automation is an important investment in the education sector. Bill gates the famous personality from the business say that the robots will be taxed as like the humans. The skilled labor force is designed with the evolution of RPA. RPA will ease the work and create quality or high profile jobs to the humans.