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Learn About The IELTS Band Score Chart

Individual test scores 

All of the scores for the four skills are given the same amount of weight. The mean score for each part of the test is used to figure out the overall band score. 

The band score as a whole 

The total band score is rounded up to the next whole or half band. If the average score for listening, reading, writing, and speaking ends in.25, it is rounded up to the next half band. If the number ends in.75, the next whole band is used. If you want to get an understanding of the IELTS band score chart, fetch with IELTS Coaching in Chennai.

Band 9- Expert user 

You know how to use the language in all situations. Your use of English is correct, and fluent, and shows that you understand everything. 

Band 8 – Excellent user 

You have full command of the language, with only a few unsystematic mistakes and wrong uses here and there. You might not understand some things when you’re in a new situation. You do a good job with complex, detailed arguments. 

Band 7: Uses it well 

You can get by in the language, but you make mistakes, use it in the wrong way sometimes, and sometimes people don’t understand what you mean. Most of the time, you are good at understanding complex language and reasoning. 

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Band 6: Skilled user 

Even though you sometimes make mistakes or use words in the wrong way, you have a good grasp of the language as a whole. You can use and understand pretty complicated language, especially when you’re with people you know. 

Band 5 – Modest user 

You understand some of the languages and can get by in most situations, but you are likely to make a lot of mistakes. In your field, you should be able to communicate in simple ways.

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Band 4: Not often used 

Your basic skills only work in situations you know well. You often have trouble understanding and expressing yourself. You are not able to use complex language. 

Band 3: Very few people use it 

You can only communicate and understand the only general meaning in situations you are used to. There are often problems with how people talk to each other. 

Band 2 – Intermittent user 

You have a hard time understanding English, both spoken and written. 

Band 1: Don’t use it 

You can’t speak the language at all, except for a few words here and there. 

Band 0: Didn’t even try to take the test. 

You did not answer the questions.


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