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Angular 11 came out with several new features for software developers. Angular components, framework, and CLI were updated in this version. Tighter typing, enhanced router efficiency, and automated font inlining are just a few key features of Angular 11. if you are a developer who is curious to know the proficient of angular 11 new featuresAngularJs Training in Chennai will lead you on the right path.

What Are The Angular 11 New Features?

One after the next, the upgrades arrive. So, what’s distinct in Angular 11’s update? What is the benefit to developers? Let us just examine the Angular 11 New Features and learn about this framework.

1. Automatic Inline Font

Initial content design should be faster to build a fast application. The main update in Angular 11 is Automated font inlining. During the compiling, Fonts are downloaded and combining with the help of the support of Angular CLI. Allowing this automatic inline font feature in the application by default and practicing the latest Angular version has perfect optimizations for developers and enables users to modernize their applications.

2. Component Test Wiring

Component test packages are comprised in Angular 9. It gives a robust API interface for examining other Angular components. Version 11 provides wiring for all components. This makes it possible for new developers to build a robust test suite.

Additional new APIs and performance improvements are included in version 11. Similar capabilities make it easier to manage asynchronous activities in tests, especially when several asynchronous interfaces with components are occurring at the same time.

3. Upgraded Reporting And logging

Logging and reporting have been upgraded and changed in the current version of Angular 11. The CLI has been updated to make logging and reporting more readable. Web developers will benefit greatly from this because they will be able to view reports and logs more quickly. Furthermore, it will improve efficiency.

4. Rebuild HMR Support

HMR is a special feature that enables you to replace various modules without restart your browser. if this feature is not in Angular, unlike earlier versions, developers have to utilize it without making any code or configuration modifications. The most recent Angular 11 releases include CLI commands for rebuilding HMR Support for faster growth.

AngularJs Online Course At FITA Academy affords more tutorial videos and technical concepts modules about new versions of angular. So developers can easily grab the concepts in a short duration of time.

5. Faster compilation

The angular latest stable version update will speed up the stages of development in various key areas. The ngcc operation would be four times faster during installing dependencies. Developers also expect a faster compilation of TypeScript v4.0.

6. Webpack 5

Webpack is a beneficial tool for compiling large huge data files into a single file or package. webpack 5 is a premium version and unstable. Although Webpack 5 is temporarily supported in angular 11 and can be employed for different tests. 

7. Lint

TSLint is a common tool for ticking among developers and it is included in the previous version of Angular. Now TSLint has become less valuable, and developers are switching to ESLint.

Shifting to ESLint is a managed three-step method that includes joining dependencies, deploying the schema in the project, eliminating the TSLint root configuration, and using ESLint.


Angular 11 is an enduring framework and developers have seen some important updation in the angular latest stable version. More conventional logging and reporting lead to manage logs easier and reduce errors. If you are want to enhance your knowledge in the current version of Angular, Angular Training In Coimbatore would be the right platform that offers the unique Training programs and expertise to handle the latest features of new versions of angular.

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