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Evolution Of Technology From Machines, Computers, and Robots

The RPA is a robotic process automation which is used in multiple business domains and it aids for the accuracy of the business. RPA increases the job satisfaction and labor issues in companies like the disputes, time and attendance issues in the companies.

Security of data in the RPA

The two points where the security concerns rise in the RPA are the data security and the access security. By making the access centralized with the help of the active directory integration the credentials are maintained by the management. The division of labor and customization is possible with the usage of the active directory integration. The Encryption in the active directory integration secures the external security. The desk policy or the scheduled tasks also increases the security in the RPA.

Job Market after the evolution of RPA

The evolution of technology from machines, computer and to the robots are initially criticized but later it is accepted as the development of the economy. Actually automating a job increases the quality and creates other types of jobs in the job market.

As per the analysis if the factory is minimizing its labor cost with the robots then it lowers the prices which ultimately increase the demand of the product. If there is more profit then it leads to more production and more employment. So, automation of job leads to more production, more consumption, and more employment opportunities. One of the biggest e-commerce company amazons uses the robots for the production unit and the company had announced that there is no change in the usage and robots and the number of employees working in the company. So, the robots and humans are equally placed in the company to increase productivity.

The agricultural jobs are decreased and the factory jobs have increased due to the inflation in the developed economy. So the evolution of RPA will create new jobs like agricultural jobs. The researchers from Oxford University say that the job industry would be fully automated due to the advancement of the technology.

Industries where automation can be applied

Manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, retail industry, construction, wholesale industry, mining, finance industry, insurance industry, entertainment or media industry, administration industry, BPO industry, health care industry, service industry, management jobs, and educational jobs are some of the industries where automation or RPA can be used.

Future of RPA

Obama from White house says that automation and education regarding automation is an important investment in the education sector. Bill gates the famous personality from the business say that the robots will be taxed as like the humans. The skilled labor force is designed with the evolution of RPA. RPA will ease the work and create quality or high profile jobs to the humans.

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